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Standard AutoConcept

The AutoConcept is a high performance mass spectrometer dedicated to the analysis of organic materials to provide accurate mass information. The instrument features horizontal E-B geometry mounted on a solid framework with a three point antivibration support system, resulting in a highly stable instrument capable of achieving ultimate detection levels in a consistent and reproducible manner.

For maximum ease and flexibility, AutoConcept features a wide range of source configurations, all with an innovative rapid clip-in connection system.

AutoConcept schematic

AutoConcept ion optics schematic

AutoConcept Standard

AutoConcept is offered with a variety of inlet probe systems providing a comprehensive array of analysis options.

Inlet probes include:

  • Solids Probe
  • High Temperature Solids Probe 
  • Fast Response Probe 
  • Gas Probe 
  • FD/FI
  • FAB
  • Particle Beam
  • Reference Inlet System

AutoConcept Probes

Dedicated Performance

The AutoConcept is available as a Fast Scan S Series or a High Mass H Series, each configured with an inlet probe system that makes them perfectly adapted for a particular application.

The S Series is ideally suited to analyses requiring fast scanning, particularly those with the exacting requirements of environmental monitoring such as the dioxin and furan methods specified by US EPA 1613 and EN 1948. 

The H Series features an inhomogeneous field magnetic sector, which allows for a mass range up to 10 kDa at full sensitivity. Combined with techniques such as LSIMS and field desorption, and with its high efficiency detector, AutoConcept H Series is ideal for high resolution analysis of high mass biological materials.

The sheer ease of source changes, the availability of multiple inlet systems and the reliability and stability of AutoConcept readily lends the instrument for use in all types of multi-purpose environments.

For more information, see our Standard AutoConcept Applications page.