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AutoConcept Petroleum

AutoConcept Petroleum is the standard AutoConcept with an All Glass Heated Inlet System (AGHIS). The AGHIS is essential for analysis as per ASTM methodologies ensuring that the entire sample is vaporised and admitted into the mass spectrometer at a constant rate. The sample introduction container is made totally from glass to ensure that there is no sample decomposition due to the analyte coming into contact with a reactive surface (e.g. metal).

Petroleum Autoconcept fitted with AGHIS

AutoConcept Petroleum fitted with AGHIS

Gas chromatography is a popular technique for analyses of oil fractions; however, chromatographic analysis of oil samples frequently fails to provide accurate composition information. Such information is best obtained by using high resolution mass spectrometry whilst allowing the complete sample to bleed into the mass spectrometer. Scanning the mass spectrometer at a resolution of >5000 (10% valley definition) and acquiring full spectrum information with subsequent data averaging and processing with oil analysis programs allows ready determination of composition.

To ensure that the petroleum complex mixture is analysed accurately and meets any internal quality standards, a standard mixture is initially analysed to confirm the instrument operation. The fully automated AGHIS system enables the complete procedure to be implemented for multiple samples without the need for operator assistance, as the run time for each sample could be of a long duration.

For analysis, the sample is either injected into the AGHIS or loaded directly into the sample cup, then the glass valves are controlled automatically.

AGHIS schematic

AGHIS schematic


In addition to the AGHIS, the AutoConcept Petroleum instrument is usually configured with a GC and a high temperature probe system. Additional techniques of FD/FI and FAB can also be included.

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