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AutoConcept Environmental

MSI is pleased to introduce a new compact AutoConcept designed specifically for environmental analysis. This instrument boasts of a smaller footprint, fully-baked ion optics, multi-technique multi-GC inlets and a better S/N ratio.

Compact Instrumentation

With space a premium in analytical laboratories, AutoConcept Environmental requires less floor space than other instruments in its class.

Top view - AutoConcept Environmental

Top view - AutoConcept Environmental

AutoConcept Evironmental

Fully-Baked Ion Optics 

Unlike other similar type mass spectrometers, AutoConcept Environmental features full baking facilities along the entire flight path. This helps to remove contaminants from the ion optics without the need for constant mechanical cleaning, thus keeping the sensitivity and performance of the instrument at its peak.

Fully baked ion opticsFully-baked ion optics

Multi-Technique Capabilities

AutoConcept provides much more than one analytical tool. It can be fitted with other inlets and techniques. Careful design of the source and inlet systems allows the user to operate two or even three GCs independently if required. The ability to run different GC configurations simultaneously allows rapid switching of analyses without incurring downtime. Other accessories such as gas probes and solid probes and a purpose-built reference inlet system add to the ultimate flexibility of the AutoConcept.

Source options Source options

Superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio

AutoConcept Environmental features an improved collector region and flight tube to further enhance signal and achieve lower detection limits. Thus, high signal-to-noise ratios are obtained without the need to resort to ion counting and summation techniques.

The combination of a source optimised for high sensitivity in electron impact mode, an analyser with the ultimate in chemical background rejection, and a low noise, high bandwidth detector system provides unmatched sensitivity at >10,000 RP.

AutoConcept Environmental offers the excellent sensitivity and high resolution required for successful dioxin and furan analysis.

SIM trace of 50fg of dioxin A SIM trace of 50 fg of dioxin at m/z 322 showing the noise region expanded to illustrate the high S/N ratio

For more information, see our AutoConcept Environmental Applications page.