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About MSI

Mass Spectrometry Instruments Ltd (MSI) is a small, privately owned company specialising in high performance magnetic sector double focusing mass spectrometers designed to meet the needs of both the organic and inorganic analysis markets. It has inherited the technology from Kratos Analytical who were the pioneer in introducing commercial sector mass spectrometers back in 1957. Since then the need for high precision, high resolution instruments has risen exponentially. At MSI we are making great strides in taking this technology to the next level by investing in new developments and applications.


Formed in 1994, MSI has long been known for its role in the organic instrument market. In 1998, the fully automated AutoConcept platform was developed for the analysis of organic materials to provide accurate data for mass information. In 2003, a specialised AutoConcept was launched aimed at the petroleum market. One feature of the AutoConcept Petroleum is the All Glass Heated Inlet System (AGHIS) which ensures the analyte is vaporised and admitted into the mass spectrometer at a constant rate, while keeping the sample from encountering any reactive (metal) surfaces. In 2008, another specialised AutoConcept emerged, the AutoConcept Environmental. The AutoConcept Environmental is designed for the analysis of environmental chemicals in that it offers excellent sensitivity and high resolution such as required for successful dioxin and furan analysis. In 2010, MSI decided to branch into the inorganic sector by producing a glow discharge mass spectrometer (GDMS), which allows for the direct determination of elemental content (matrix to sub-trace) in a variety of materials. In 2014, MSI began production of a Knudsen Effusion Mass Spectrometer (KEMS), which gives vapour pressure measurements that provide quantitative, kinetic and thermodynamic behaviour information about isotopes and compounds contained in the analyte.