MSI introduces the  Elsima , the next generation of data system for the Autoconcept Series of Instrument. The Compact system based on windows has latest technology hardware to provide full Automation control, operation and analysis.  , Elsima has additional features designed for the most comfortable user experience including the  minimization of the  number of clicks and keystrokes and still be able to provide user friendly format. 

The Elsima platform incorporates better accuracy and high precision electronics operating at considerable higher speed compared to the well proven MACH3 system. This has not only resulted in more define peak profile due to increased sampling points but also increased the dynamic range at a considerable faster speed resulting in faster experiments. The improved acquisition and processing has also enhanced the calibration procedures resulting in more peak position accuracy.


The Elsima software architecture has formed the base engine for deriving domain specification application.

The first launch is the Elsima GD designed specifically for the Autoconcept GD90. For the first time,  user can jump from any mass to a desired mass  to an accuracy of at least 100ppm always within 10 seconds.


Matrix Editor

The above screenshot is taken from the matrix editor of the Elsima GD. This screen allows the user to define the properties of the matrix like isotopes & interference to consider for the experiment.