The Instrument

Semiconductor Industry
Very high purity semiconductors are required for production of virtually all electronic optical and electro optical devices. The electrical properties of these semiconductors are dependent on the impurities present in them. Only extreme low levels of impurities are permitted in these metals to guarantee the performance of the end product such as microprocessors and micro devices.

GDMS helps in bulk survey analysis of these semiconductors to identify the amount of impurities even at the trace and ultra trace levels

Nuclear Sector
In Nuclear technology and generally in nuclear research, the precise and accurate measurement of isotopes ratio is of great interest. The widely accepted method for this is TIMS. In this method sample must be dissolved and chemical separation of the analyte of interest is required before the analysis.

GDMS has also been exploited for determination of the isotopic composition in samples with nuclear contents. By comparison GDMs has turned out to be competitive technique for determination of isotopic abundance of B, Li as well as U in terms of precision and accuracy.GDMS has the advantage of reducing handling of the sample before the analysis

Pure Metal Industry
In Large Scale production of Metals and Alloys the total trace impurity is not well controlled. However in order to control its mechanical, chemical, electrical and other advanced properties, controlled doping with trace elements and purification to reduce presence of unwanted materials is very much required.

GDMS helps in identifying the impurities if at all present in the finished product hence ensuring the quality and performance of the system where these metals are used.

Alloys Industry
Alloys and Super Alloys are the key materials for manufacturing of high performance machinery like turbines. As these machinery work under very high temperature and pressure, even a slight chance in composition of the trace elements can give disastrous results.

GDMS is idea in identifying these elemental compositions in the product to ensure the best performance of the system.