The Instrument

The Autoconcept GD90 is a high resolution glow discharge mass spectrometer designed specifically to perform very high precision analysis of elements. The glow discharge MS provides direct analysis of the solid metal and insulators. It has a very broad range of elemental coverage giving usable data for over 70 elements with high sensitivity for both light elements as well as heavy elements.

With GDMS, measurement of trace impurities at ppb-ppt level can be performed with ease as the technique utilizes a separation of atomization and Ionization.

This method therefore has minimal matrix effect and the need of specific reference material is no longer required. It has benefits of full scan analysis of metals and alloys, bulk survey analysis of semiconductor and depth profiling of layers and coatings. It is an ideal tool for production and quality control of high purity materials, including metals, alloys, semiconductor and with the addition of RF source, insulators.etc

The primary features of AutoConcept GD90 include:

• Very high resolution important for determination of interference found in matrices.
• Broad elemental coverage as the software has interference data for 70 elements.
• Negligible matrix effect as the atomization and ionization takes place at different location.
• Quantitative Data to sub-ppb levels
• Isotope Ratio Analysis Depth Profiling Capability
• Minimum sample preparation