The Autoconcept is the brand name of the high performance double focusing magnetic sector instruments. The high performance ion optic design inherited from Kratos Analytical forms the platform for both the Organic and Inorganic products of MSI.

The Autoconcept with minimal lenses in the ion optic represent the best technology optimizing on all the four primary parameters of a mass spectrometers with great stability and reproducibility. They are Sensitivity, Selectivity, Specificity and Resolution. Today AutoConcept is not just a product of MSI but a brand that brings in the reputation and prestige in the world of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.

The compact source design with heater elements mounted close to the ion chamber keeps the source cleaner as well as setting optimized condition for ionization. The direct entry of the sample into the chamber through special designed inlet ports ensure a leak free tight contact to give a higher sensitivity. This ensures a high signal-to noise ratio in analyses such as this 50fg detection of dioxin at m/z 320 and 322

Autoconcept is specified to greater than or equal to 80,000 resolution using the 10% valley definition, unlike other MS technologies which use a 50% definition. The ion optics is still regarded as the finest in its class having minimal aberration /dispersion properties resulting in minimal lenses.

Note: The resolution displayed here is equivalent to over 120,000 in 50% definition terms

The ability to use high performance MS characteristics to select only ions of interest is shown clearly in this multiple chromatogram of sterane distributions in shale oil. Meta-stable ion monitoring techniques have been used to separate the 3 sterane species unambiguously

High performance provides superior identification capabilities. The spectrum here presents ions in an oil sample with the same nominal mass of 253. Autoconcept can successfully separate specific ionic species.

When Less Gives More
Autoconcept’s ion optics involves high precision engineering yet the design has produced a very simple layout with very few focusing lenses. All mass spectrometers use focusing lenses to ensure that the ion beam remains in the correct orientation. As all lenses have an element of interaction with each other, it is clear that the fewer the lenses, the easier the operation of the instrument.

As a result of its superior basic ion optic design, Autoconcept has many benefits:
1) Auto-tuning is fast and easy
2) Calibration is very stable
3) Resolution is maintained over long periods
4) Ultimate performance is guaranteed